Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mek Mek's wedding

Mek Mek's finally married on Sept 20. It was a simple ceremony but meaningful. The happiest of all were of course Pa pa and Ma ma because Mek Mek's finally leaving the nest to start her own family.

Xian was appointed the ring boy while Yi Yi was the flower girl. I had such a fun time finding the right clothes for them. It was entertaining because for the first time, Xian got to try out all the tuxedos and vests and coats while Yi Yi got to try out all those beautiful, fluffy dresses. 

Another new member in our family
The beautiful bride and handsome groom...
and of course the beautiful flower girl and handsome ring boy!

And out of nowhere, there was a sniper.

Indeed, it was a beautiful day. May both of their lives be blissful always!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Xian the recruiter

Two days ago Xian told me that he taught Yi Yi how to write Chinese words. 

Me: That was very nice of you to teach mei mei! What words did u teach? 
Xian: I taught her how to trace the strokes in my homework book. 
Me: Ha? You mean mei mei drew on your book? 
Xian: Yup.
Me: You asked her to finish your homework??
Xian: No! I was teaching her. I even taught her how to colour the pictures in my book.

Wah. Looks like he recruited Yi Yi to finish his homework. Very clever. 

Monday, September 01, 2014

My first letter from Xian

Just now, I was upset with Xian because he insisted that I teach him how to do a puzzle book. I told him that it was too tough for him because he wouldn't understand what they meant. I took another book for him but he sulked and threw tantrums. So, I kept all the books and walked away. He knew I was upset.

After a while, he threw me an envelope.

Written on the envelope
Content of the letter
And subsequently, more letters, with 'I love you'

I have not had such letter for a long, long time. It definitely made me laugh. If everyone writes such letter, the world would be very peaceful! Xian definitely knows how to steal my heart!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Holiday Trip to Philippines

Last month we went to Philippines with Chaco's boss's family. We stopped by at Manila for 3 days before heading towards Boracay. I had not heard of Boracay before. All I knew was that it is a beautiful island, one of the best in the world.

Xian and Yi Yi were super excited about this trip. They were so excited about boarding a plane. They were so excited about going to beach. They were so excited about going for a holiday. This was just their 2nd trip overseas.

The happy faces

Our first destination was Manila. When we got there, it was already evening. The good thing was that our hotel was just next to a very happening place. The whole stretch of seaside walkway was full of people, with lots of restaurants and mini funfairs. I love the sea wind. It was so windy and cooling. 

The next day, while the rest went shopping, we took a taxi to Old Manila. Old Manila is a place with many historical buildings. Some are churches, some are forts. Most forts have just the walls remaining. Four of us managed to squeeze into a trishaw. We felt so cheated because initially we thought it was only 300 pesos to tour the place. Half way through the tour, the guy told us that it was 250 pesos per hour! Anyway, by the time we finished touring, it was night. Chaco managed to bargain until 1000 pesos from 2000 pesos. 

Super thin guy bringing us four. 
He said he has 3 kids to feed.
Roman Catholic Cathedral of Manila. 
Such magnificent architecture.
The happy four in front of the cathedral
One of the forts. Xian and Yi Yi pretending that 
they were protecting their 'castle'

The next morning, we took the plane to Boracay. I thought it was just a short journey. Little did I know that after we got off from the plane, we had to take a bus to the jetty. That was more than an hour's journey. Then we had to take the ferry to the island. From there, we had to take a van to our hotel. Since the hotel was inside the beach area, we had to walk in. What a long journey! But by the time we got there, I was so enchanted by the beautiful sea and windy weather. It was just beautiful. The beach is long with a whole stretch of shops, restaurants and hotels. We could just walk to the beach right in front of our hotel. The beach seems to be bustling with activities the whole day. At night, it was even more happening. 

Two 'once a while' loving siblings

Initially, Xian and Yi Yi were grumpy about the sand. They didn't like the sand in their slippers. They said it's dirty. They preferred the swimming pool. After a while, they got so used to it and they enjoyed it so much. One thing exciting about here was the unpredictable weather. One moment the sun would be out, the next moment, it would be raining. The same cycle could go on for about 6 to 7 times a day! That kept us so busy running in and out of our hotel. It was so frequent that we had to look for shelter right after we applied the sunblock and the sun was out just 2 minutes ago! 

Warming up..
And loving the waves...
And enjoying it so much

We even went island hopping on the 2nd day. We had to go to the other side of the island which was less windy. It seemed to be sunny the whole day on this side!

Another side of the island: hot and less windy
Xian on the jetski with Chaco

Throughout the trip, we had good food. We had lobsters and crabs and prawns. We had buffet dinners. Chaco's boss broke the record of eating 50+ oysters. Gasps!

It was fun. I love the wind. It was so strong that I couldn't even hold the umbrella when it rained. The beach is clean and I think the people there really did a good job by keeping it that way. 

The last day

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Breastfeeding and child birth

Recently Xian has been asking me questions.

Xian: Mummy! I saw women putting babies to their breasts!
Me: That is called breastfeeding. I breast fed you last time too. 
Xian (with his eyes wide open): Ha?!
Me: Yeap! I breast fed you. 
Xian: You mean my mouth is in your nipple?!
Me: Yes. Why? 
Xian (with his eyes wide open again): Ha??!
... and I had to explain to him about the best milk in the whole world.

Xian: Mummy! Did you cut open your tummy when I was born?
Me: Nope. 
Xian: Then how?
Me: Well, through the vagina.
Xian (with his eyes wide open): Ha??! Vagina??! 
Me: Yes. Why?
... and sometimes he would say "I don't want to talk about this anymore". 


Last month we went cycling at Bukit Cahaya. I think the last time I went there was probably 7 or 8 years ago. Nothing much changed. Everything looked almost the same as far as I can remember. The only change I noticed was another new bicycle rental booth. 

We brought along Xian and Yi Yi's bicycles, thinking that it would be nice to let them cycle themselves. But then, looking at the slopes, we decided to rent two bicycles which has a child carriage at the back. That was definitely more practical. If not, I believe we would be pushing their bicycles instead of them cycling. 

It was fun, but tiring! Age is really catching up. I don't have the stamina to cycle up those steep slopes. I had to stop occasionally to catch my breathe. Xian and Yi Yi definitely enjoyed being chauffeured driven. 

Me and my passenger 
Chaco, with Xian grinning happily

School's feedback

Last Saturday we had a meeting with Xian and Yi Yi's teacher. Basically it was a session to update us on their progress. 

I was expecting some lecture from Yi Yi's teacher because Yi Yi had bitten a boy few days before. Chaco received a call from the teacher right after the incident and he was told that it was not a normal behaviour. Xian said the bite mark was bad.

But then, on that day, everything was positive. The teacher said that they are smart students. Yi Yi is a nice girl but fierce and whatever she wants, she gets it. The boy bitten by her didn't even wail. Instead, he cried softly and the teacher thought that he had a stomachache. She only realised that he was bitten when she saw the bite mark on his hand. Poor boy. Yi Yi also has the habit of pinching people. When she said that, she repeated looked at us. I wonder why! 

Anyway, as for Xian, he did well in his assessment. He scored at least 90% in his papers. His only problem is his attention span. 

Overall, they did well. That was very encouraging. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Diaper free at night

Xian is finally diaper-free at night! I have been constantly telling him to wake up and pee himself. He always gives me the same 'No' answer. Last week I asked him whether he wanted to try. He said OK. That night, I kept checking on him. The following nights, he was the one who woke me up whenever he wanted to pee. So far, he missed once but not to the extend of wetting the bed. I am so proud of him! 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Perfect score

Yesterday Xian came back with his spelling book. He got an incorrect spelling. I looked at him and exclaimed.

Me: Xian! Why is this wrong?? How was it possible to mix up the 'b' and 'd'??!
Xian: (quietly looked at his book)
Me: Aiyo Xian! Why?? 'b' and 'd' are two totally different alphabets! How could you mix them up???
Xian kept quiet for a while, then he said....
Xian: Mummy! Why are you angry?

That question caused me to pause for a while. Yes, I wanted a perfect score from him. I wanted my revision with him to yield excellent result. I was very sure that he knew the words pretty well. 

Sometimes it just slipped off my mind that success is not just about getting perfect scores.